My hobby is SINGING and i will be a SINGER ..

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Short course:: I’m starting to like singing since childhood .. once used to perform even the singing contest .. outstanding talent in the world actually singing, just more often performed poetry and dance .. for some reason have not dared to show the people, more or less just a hobby and hidden talent alone ..

Honestly, always dreaming, dreaming of becoming a famous singer .. can record songs and also have their own albums .. appear in various places and known many people .. many singers who became the source of my inspiration, among others, Celion Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Rie Fu, Josh Groban, Ajeng, Sherina, Rio Idol Little, Two Five Ten, and many more ..

Actually, the family was fully supportive of my desire .. they just want me seriously in education, especially college .. there was even a ban to become a singer .. Even so, become a singer or not that’s no problem for me .. because singing is one part of my life ..

In good times, sad love, sorrow, laugh, cry, sick, healthy, all just to sing and sing ..

Hope:: want to sing on stage, watched by millions of pairs of eyes with a sense of awe, proud and happy, got a standing applause at the end of the performance


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